Wafa Field



The field is located about 540 KM southwest of Tripoli and about 160 KM south of the city of Ghadames in the NC169A concession, along the Libyan – Algerian border. The southern part was discovered in 1964 by Shell – Libya with well D1, and the northern culmination, was discovered sirte Oil Company in 1991 with well A1.


The Wafa Field is a monocline dipping gently towards the Northwest and is a stratigraphic pinch-out trap formed by the F3 sandstone member of the Aouinet – Ouenine Formation of Middle Devonian disappearing into equivalent shalyfacies.


The field is a gas-condensate reservoir with a thin oil leg.


Wafa development plan called for drilling of 37 oil and gas wells, which were put on production in September. 2004.
The average daily production from Wafa field is 37,290 Bbls of crude oil and condensate,22.503 Bbls of NGL.


The Wafa field consists of the following facilities:


  • Gas treatment unit CO2 removal.
  • Gas liquids recovery unit.
  • Gas compression station to Mellitah.
  • Oil treatment unit.
  • Oil storage facilities (220,000 Bbls).
  • Oil pumping station to Mellitah.
  • Power station.
  • Maintenance workshops.
  • Accommodation and supporting facilities.