Mellitah Complex



Located about 22 km east of Zwara City, the Complex covers an area about 355 hectors and consists of Oil and Gas treatment facilities, crude Oil and products storage tanks, LPG and solid Sulfur loading facilities (SPM) and all required utilities including Gas and steam turbines for power generation.


The Complex consists mainly of two plants, one for treating the Oil and condensate production from Wafa field (Wafa coastal plant) whereas the other plant treats the Gas and condensate coming from Sabratha Offshore Platform (Mellitah Plant).


Wafa Coastal Plant


This Plant consists of 2 trains to treat the Oil and NGL coming from Wafa field with a total design capacity of 76.300 Bbls per day.


Mellitah Plant:

This Plant treats the Gas and condensate Production arriving from Sabratha Offshore Platform. The plant consists of 3 trains for gas, 3 trains for sulfur recovery, 2 trains for NGL fractionation and 2 trains for condensate with a total capacity of 695MMSCFD of Gas sales, 31.000BBLS per day of liquids and 450 metric tons of solid sulfur.


Storage Tanks

Oil – 2 tanks of 630,000 Bbls each
2 buffer tanks of 284,000 Bbls each
1 Eni oil tank of 631,000 Bbls


Condensate – 2 tanks of 275,000 Bbls each
1buffer tank of 284,000 Bbls


LPG – 2 tanks of 150,000 Bbls each for liquid propane
2 tanks of 135,000 Bbls each for liquid butane

Liquid Sulfur – 2 tanks of 55,000 Bbls each
Loading Facilities

– 2SPM’s for Crude Oil.
– Jetty for liquid propane, liquid butane and solid sulfur.


Associated Gas compression stations Operated by other companies:


– Green Stream station for gas export to Italy.
– Sirte Oil Company station for local market.