Company Profile

Mellitah Oil & Gas

Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V Libyan Branch was established by General Peoples Committee Resolution No. 253 for the year 2008 issued on 21/04/2008 in accordance to an agreement concluded between the National Oil Corp. and Eni North Africa on 16/10/2007. This Agreement stipulates on amalgamation of the assets and activities of both Eni Oil and Mellitah Gas, to start effective as of 01/01/2008.


The NOC also signed on 30/10/2008, an Agreement of Shareholders upon which Mellitah Oil & Gas is assigned to manage and operate the Oil Operations of the Concessions signed on 12/06/2008.


This Agreement included six agreements of EPSA 4. Thus, Mellitah Oil & Gas ranks as the biggest oil Company in Libya by producing 600,000 equivalent oil barrel/day )Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Condensed Gas: Propane, Butane and Nafta( in addition to a daily production of 450 tons of Sulphur.


The Company manages several onshore fields spread across the country.  It also manages offshore fields consist of three platforms and a floating tank. Moreover, it manages a network of onshore pipe lines of various sizes extended for thousands of kilometers. The company is exporting part of the processed natural gas from Mellitah Industrial  Complex through an offshore pipe line )of 32 inches / 516 km( connecting Mellitah Industrial Complex to the southern coast of Italy, and managed by the Green Stream.  This offshore export Line is considered to be the first link between Libya and Europe.


Mellitah Oil & Gas is also participating in covering a great deal of the needs of the natural Gas local consumption which feeds Generating power stations.