Industrial Security

Company policy outlines the company’s approach to managing security risks that may affect employees, contractors, company assets, its database and information. It does so through organized operational steps to identify, assess, manage, and mitigate risks to return to normal operations, followed by evaluation and review of the actions taken.

To achieve this, the company commits to the following:-


  • Treating security risk management with the same importance as our daily operations.
  • Complying with all legal requirements.
  • Adopting preventive measures to protect company employees, assets, and everyone working in the company from known security threats.
  • Notifying relevant authorities immediately if lives or critical assets are at risk.
  • Protecting company information and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Informing all company employees about the importance of protecting the confidentiality of files, documents, and communications in any form.
  • Understanding and implementing systems, procedures, and practices that ensure the confidentiality of company information.
  • Identifying and establishing necessary response procedures to mitigate the impact of any potential incidents or emergencies.
  • Training all employees in security awareness and responsibility.
  • Ensuring that contractors adhere to the company’s security policies, procedures, and practices.


Preventive Measures:


  • Installing a marine radar and environmental monitoring system to monitor nearby maritime targets, provide early warning of collision risks, and prevent illegal immigration by preventing them from approaching offshore platforms.
  • Monitoring marine pollution from international marine tankers during loading operations, detecting leaks early, and containing and preventing them.
  • Developing a visual surveillance and security system to provide maximum surveillance of production sites for protection, security, archiving, and event documentation.