Oil Division Activities

Onshore Projects


Onshore Projects Department is aimed at implementing, executing and follow up of projects at different Onshore oil fields and concessions belonging to Mellitah Oil and Gas Company (Oil Branch) in accordance with international technical specifications and standards in force taking into account the selection of the best technical and economic solutions in the implementation of the projects, safety and environmental protection and in accordance with the Company’s and National Oil Corporation contractual terms and conditions.


Tasks of the Department: The Oonshore Projects Department is concerned with carrying out following works: v  Preparing annual budgets according to future plans and capital Projects.v  Supervising the preparation of technical Scope of Work for projects according to the type of project and its implementation requirements.v  Coordination with Contracts Department to announce for the projects to be carried out at company’s and the National Oil Corporation websites.v  Review and evaluate the technical offers of Bidders and issuing recommendation according to the technical evaluation.v  Review of the contractual, financial and legal conditions included in the project contracts with the contractors.v  Follow up of the preliminary, basic and detailed engineering of the projects.v  Follow up of purchase orders, manufacturing and shipment of materials from suppliers to sites.v  Follow up of construction, installation and testing activities at sites.v  Follow up all day-to-day works to implement the projects with relevant contractors.v  Preparing of weekly, monthly and annual (technical and financial) reports for the projects.v  Controlling costs and expenses and adjusting the budget required for projects.v  Conducting field visits and preparing reports on onshore projects activities at different sites.v  Periodic presentation of the onshore projects activities to the National Oil Corporation, the Second Party and the Owners Committee.v  Preparation of plans to develop and train engineers and technicians in line with the company’s strategies. v  Coordination with the concerned departments regarding the company’s requirements for future projects.


Current projects activities at the company’s sites: The Onshore Projects Department undertakes several activities at the following sites:


A) Abu Ab-Attifel  oil field{ Contract area B (concession 100) }: 1. Development of production facilities to accommodate low pressure wells Project.2. Replacement of the SAP oil tank at the crude oil center Project.3. Development of the Nitrogen gas system at the gas liquefaction plant Project4. Installation of a new system for the extraction of mercury in the gas liquefaction plant Project6. Installation of a special waste incinerator Project. 7. Upgrading of the Control systems of the Gas Compression units (309) at Gas Liquefaction Plant Project.8. Installation of two desalination plants at Oil Center and gas liquefaction plant Project.9. Produced water associated with oil Utilization from the Gallo oil field (Waha Oil Company) to the Ab-attifel oil field Project10. Upgrading flow measurement systems in oil fields Project “Abu-Attifel and Elfeel “11. Water Supply wells flowliness and main headers replacement Project.



B) Remal field and crude oil production stations {Contract Area A (concession 82)}  1. R82 – A100 12 inches crude oil pipeline replacement Project.2. Area A Development Concession R82 Project.3. (KK6, KK7) Oil wells Connection and the installation of a new manifold Project.



C) El-Feel  oil Field {Contract area (concession 174)} 1. Additional accommodation, offices and other facilities Project 2. Water injection project.


Components of the Department and its Affiliated Sections The Onshore Projects Department (Oil Branch) located at the main Company building based in Tripoli, which executes projects managing by the Department Manager and consisting of Projects Supertendent with a number of Project Managers and Engineers assigned from the other concerned departments in addition to the documentation unit in the Department.Through the construction Sections located in the onshore fields “Abu-attifel and  El-Feel fields”. The construction and installation of the projects equipment is carried out on a daily basis until the delivery of the projects to the concerned departments.