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ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Tender for Telecommunications service via satellite (V-SAT) for all company sites - Tender Number 768  
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Offshore Bouri Field (DP3) Platform Kitchen Revamping - Tender Number 764  
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Abu Attifel (A-100) Airport Runways Revamping - Tender Number 761  
INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Contract Area “C” Bouri Field DP3 & DP4 Platforms HVAC System Revamping/Upgrade - Tender No. (584)  
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Waste treatment and disposal for all company sites - Tender Number 756  
RE-ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION To Intent to pre-qualify Contractors for Supply of Portable Water for offshore Fields - Tender Number 740  
INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Revamping of Pipeline Mobile Radio System - TENDER NO. ITT/008/GP/14  
INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION New 200 Accommodation Units and relevant facilities at Wafa Field - TENDER NO. (ITT/009/WA/14)  
INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION Sand removal from the valve stations& pig trap stations on the Pipeline from Wafa desert to Mellitah complex - TENDER NO. ITT/005/MAIN/14  
the Company Intent to pre-qualify Contractors for the Supply of Rockwell Automation vibration analysis and Execution of a training programTender Number 753 .  
Provision of General Cleaning Services for to the company's administrative headquarters in Dat El Imad - Tripoli Tender No. ITT/006/GP/14  
Announcement For Pre-Qualification - Provision of Painting Services for to Mellitah Complex - Tender No. ITT/007/ME/14  
To Intent to pre-qualify Contractors for the General maintenance services activities at Company Facilities in A100, R82 and Remote Stations Onshore Field- Tesnder no:745  
Conduct Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Baher Essalam (Offshore)-Tender no:744  
To Intent to pre-qualify Contractors to hire a land Work over rig for onshore fields -Tender No: 741  
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