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The contractor is required to Carry out dedicated services for repair and replacement of jetty piles production covers at splash zone 3"m underwater level and 2"m above level at Mellitah Complex Jetty - TENDER NO : (ITT/004/ME/15)  
Air Transportation Services to Onshore Fields (Oil & Gas) Contract Area B, E & D - TENDER NO. (793)  
Domestic & non hazardous industrial Waste treatment and disposal for Mellitah Complex - TENDER NO. (ITT/002/ME/15)  
Maintenance and Repair of Photocopy Machines at Company's Locations - TENDER No. (790)  
Cathodic protection Assessment at Mellitah complex - TENDER NO (ITT/003/ENG/15)  
carry out in the line inspection (Intelligent pigging survey on 10") condensate export pipeline (Sabratha platform to Mellitah complex length 107km).- TENDER NO (ITT/001/ENG/15)  
Rental of Forklifts and Cranes for Abusetta Marine Base and Company Warehouses - TENDER NO. (789)  
Nitrogen Gas System Upgrading Project / EPIC Phase @ NGL Recovery Plant / A-100 Field “Contract Area B” - TENDER NO. (788)  
replacement of the existing uninterruptible power supply in the DP3 and DP4 Bouri field - TENDER NO. (787)  
Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicles Maintenance Services for Onshore (Oil & Gas) Fields – Tender No(786)  
carry out waste management (off-site transportation – disposal) of waste (non hazardous) from both onshore and offshore fields - (TENDER NO. ITT/001/GP/15)  
To Intent to Pre-Qualify Contractors to hire a Land Work Over rig for Onshore Fields - Tender No. (741)  
Provision and Installation of Prefabricated Accmmodation Rooms At Abu-Attifel Field (A-100) - Thender No. (785)  
Verification & Certification of Lifting Equipment - TENDER NO . (783)  
Enviroment Impact Assessment & Monitoring Program For Company’s Field at contracts area (A,B,C&E) - Tender No. (784)  
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